Eurthymy RS
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Here Every Person is their Own Master
This site is intended for everyone, regardless of race, creed, size of wallet, etc. This means it has been made for you.

It is a resource centre for those people who wish to explore the capabilities of the human mind. Here you can find tools for research, commentaries, and correspond with other people who are looking just like you.

I am not normally a humourless person, but the content and intent of this site is so serious, I have put joking aside for the time being. So please forgive me if you find this content heavy going, because it requires and contains serious thinking.

Here, you can exchange views, share comments, explore hypotheses, and work together with others at your own development, if only by challenging your ideas in a safe arena.

The purpose is not to promote any dogma at all, but to foster actual personal research. You will not get theory rammed down your throat.

Instead, you can safely explore and test your ideas using various tools, and share experiences, for example, in testing the boundaries of truth and illusion.

Experience shows that a practical approach of this kind can illuminate not only the sciences, the arts and the humanities, but also all beliefs, from Atheism to Zoroastrianism.

In other words, no matter what you believe in, here you can find a basis for checking and confirming beliefs, and sharing and testing your ideas with open-minded people.

Not only is freedom to carry out our own research vital to us; so is the fact that the basic tools made available here are utterly free of charge. Some things have to be free – like us humans.

However, newsletters and certain other publications made elsewhere must be charged for, if only to defray costs etc. Also, some people tend to under-value what they do not pay for....

Available Languages

Documents are made available in English, because it is the world’s second language. This means as many people as possible can access the information and tools here.

Some materials are also available in French, Italian, German etc. Some Asian languages are also coming soon. Please contact me for details.

Contact for personal assistance should initially be made by email using the following form.