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Aims and Similar....

The main aim is to offer safe self-development for all. Safe means that anyone can check the accuracy of the means used by simple tests.

Common sense and rational thought have their place too in a rigorous analysis of results: the human spirit is not intended to drift off into dreaming sleep. That would be a retrograde step.

Self-development means developing more consciousness than everyday self-awareness, not losing awareness for dreaming states which are only presumed to be better. Experience shows that very often the opposite is true.

Self-development is left up to each individual’s freedom and personal ethics. Each of us is free to behave according to our lights - anything else would make us into moral robots.

It is only by being responsible for yourself, for your conscience of what is right and wrong, that you can ever lay claim to any merit. Why would what I think is right be right for you? And why would doing as I say make you into a good person?

The intention is to provide tools for use, and not orders on how to live.

There is a possibility of transforming evil/unconsciousness into good. But this is up to each of us to check for ourselves. Here you can find tools to show you how to do this for yourself.

You can read about how others have done this, and understand what is said, but this does nto help you any more than an imagined glass of water quenches thirst.

We give the “how” – not the “why”. That is up to each person to decide for himself or herself. It has to be that way. How can I judge you?

How can I know what your inner pressures are? You cannot know mine either. But I can share with you what has helped me, and suggest trying it, in a brotherhood of self-helping people.

Whilst we are officially non sectarian –, we invite anyone to check out the theories that have evolved around the use of certain techniques, and to judge for themselves the extent to which they may have any merit.

This means you do not have to change one single belief. It is unhealthy to change views on anyone’s say-so. You are free to judge for yourself, in the light of your own awareness, experience and conscience.

If we are free in our thinking, does it follow that we should be responsible for what we believe? I will not tell you what i think on this one, but leave you to consider this for yourself.

But if you want to tell someone what you think, you can simply contact me using the form.