Theories for Testing

Test and try.....

Where any theories or statements are given, each person should treat them as being subject to verification. This means you should not accept anything stated here as gospel, but should check it out for yourself.

The means for such checking are provided in “A Set of Keys” – see the Downloads page. These are just tools.

They do not force you to come to any conclusions. Your conclusions are your own. You make up your own mind. YOU are in charge.

For example, statements about personal or planetary history can be checked using the techniques of memory review, providing the awareness has been strengthened in the way described.

You do not need to believe a word. Just try things out for yourself.

The memory review is also an excellent tool for devising your own personal moral code, by squeezing out the lessons of your own experience, without anyone else telling you what to do or think.

Similarly, any statements about the existence and impact of opposing forces and the existence of spirit worlds and beings can be checked using the techniques provided.

The exercises of concentration and the technique of pure perception are especially useful.

Good luck with your work! And enjoy the deep satisfaction that everyone who tries this eventually finds...

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