Working with Others

You can work using the material provided on your own, or with others. If working with other people you know, please respect their freedom as fully as possible.

In other words, you can invite them to take part but must not put any pressure on them at all – and not even try and persuade them. Everyone has the right to say no.

If you cannot work in co-operation with anyone else directly, you are welcome to contact us using the form provided below, and we will try and work together, even remotely, or anonymously.

Please be aware that there are various ways we can help one another, by synchronising with one another in timing (each within our own time zone, obviously), or by offering personal help and guidance as far as possible.

In this respect, anonymity can be useful, especially if the matters touched on are delicate.

The aim ultimately is to anchor and set up actual communities worldwide who can offer help to one another.

However, whilst it is obvious that a number of years of experience are needed in order to be able to offer real helpful guidance, the fact of the existence of other (even if not totally like-minded) people who are working in the same direction can of itself be the basis of mutual support.

In fact, contrasting views often call a certain kind of self-questioning into play which ultimately is very healthy. Please, take nothing that is posted on this site as gospel truth, but check everything out for yourself.

Remember, you are in charge of yourself. And you check things out for yourself. That way what you find is your own discovery, and to your own credit only