Free for All
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Things for Free

As previously stated, not everything on this site is for sale. Things are sold elsewhere. That does not mean that you cannot offer your support here if you wish.

How you do so (by voluntary work, or even by cash donations etc.) and the extent to which you do so must be entirely up to you. You are free to give, or not to give, to help or not to help. Browse and take what you like for nothing.

The only consideration I wish to stress is that any contribution MUST remain within the limits of what can be easily afforded by the donor. And only you can tell how much that is.

For example, to some people, giving up US 5¢ is an exorbitant sacrifice – to someone like Bill Gates, even $ 50,000 is a small amount.

Consequently, all donations of any kind whatever MUST also be anonymous. Sponsorship (official or personal) is consequently not compatible with the aims of this site.

Arrangements for contributions must be made individually by contacting the author personally (using a pseudonym such as M. Mouse, or Sir. G. Culstocking if required) by using the form.

I ask for your understanding if a proposal to contribute has to be refused if it contravenes the above, even if only slightly.

You and I are both entirely free, also. This is a statement of fact, which we have to face up to. And it forms the basis of the approach throughout this site.