Everyone Teaches, Everyone Learns

This site provides resources for inner work. But please note this. You can expect no returns if you do not use them.

Obviously, no one who has not used the techniques offered for an adequate period (well in excess of a year or two) can judge on how effective they are.

For information and by way of a personal testimonial, the author has been using these techniques every day for more than 40 years, and thus considers himself in a position to know where they lead.

This means I know that there are no risks to sane normal judgement involved.

The resources are available in the form of files available for a small charge on Amazon. 

If the small payment involved is a problem, use the contact form and ask for a free copy. No one will be refused access because of money.

Since corruption can be generated by accident or deliberately, the copyright originals are available for reference. If you want to know more just fill out the form below.

These materials are available for a small charge. That author sells books, and this is legitimate. But making money is not the purpose of this site.

Instead, it is to foster personal research, and this is  not compatible with purely business purposes, in the author’s view. This is why some basic materials are not for sale, and will not be offered in exchange for consideration, at least during the author’s lifetime.

Other materials, including the author’s opinions and personal results, may be published for gain by other means, including eBooks and normally published books for sale, and newsletter subscriptions, etc. These can be found elsewhere.

The scope of the site is to help others inwardly & NOT to sell anything. Nor is it the intention to make money in any other way (through being a “guru” or otherwise) from inner activity.

Results published for sale are those that are not vital to inner research; for example travel guides to places of inner interest may legitimately be sold. Instructions on how to meditate should not be sold, in the author’s view.

You are your own teacher, and to the extent that you have your own conscience, you have all the guidance you need inside you. Anything else you may need is now available free of charge. 

If you want to learn other things for which you pay, that is up to you. After all, you buy newspapers...or maybe you don’t. That is your free individual choice. No-one needs newspapers. But we all need food and drink.

Here, what is supplied free of charge is like food and drink for you: food and drink for your inner being.